Renee' Carrington Photography


           I have been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. Education is my passion but photography is my love. I believe it is important to teach children, of all ages, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds them everyday. I have traveled extensively from Australia, China, Thailand, and throughout Europe bringing home treasures with the click of a button. My desire is to capture the power and strength of the earth, sky, and water as well as the world's simple elegance and gentleness. My goal is to share the beauty I see with others hoping they, too, will enjoy and appreciate it with me. 

If you are interested in my photographs, please contact me at:

 Prices for Prints include Mats

5 x 7"  cards      $5

 8 x 10"          $20

11 x 14"         $35

16 x 20"        $50

20 x 24"       $75

For custom size prints or frames

Additional charge 


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